Thursday, June 19, 2008

West Virginia Stereotype: Wild and Wonderful

To celebrate West Virginia Day (June 20), the Health Care Law Blog is excited to be a part of the statewide blogging effort lead by Jason Keeling at aBetterWestVirginia. The idea - collaborate and work together to change the typical stereotypes of West Virginia. Reflect a more accurate perspective of the state, its people, qualities and successes.

The state motto, Wild and Wonderful, sits as the centerpiece of all things good about West Virginia. A motto that reflects the states independence, beauty, people and places. These two words bring so much to this West Virginian's imagination. (check the links for the new stereotypes).
Writing about the positive aspects of West Virginia is something that I have tried doing since starting this blog in 2004. While the main focus is on health care law, over the years, I have taken time out to highlight those events, people and statistics that cast West Virginia in a positive light.

Since many first time readers may be visiting as a result of the aBetterWestVirginia blogging project, I thought I would take this chance to highlight some of these past posts. As the saying goes, "what is old, is new."

To learn more about what others are saying to create West Virginia's "new" stereotype check out
United, We Blog for a Better West Virginia.


Sarah Cooper said...

Isn't this a fabulous place to live? Thanks for the positive view of our home!

jtpr said...

You said it brother. It is great to be a West Virginian!

Todd Beane

rebecca said...

Great post! And what a wonderful collection of links!

Justin Seibert said...

Bob - great stuff. I really liked how you laid everything out - pointing to existing movements, organizations, and people to demonstrate new stereotypes. What better way to show them off than just to point to numerous examples. It's great to have an NP boy down in Charleston. Keep up the great work!

Anita said...

I love your new stereotypes! I'm enjoying looking at all the links. I'm a native exiled in Maryland. I can't wait to move back in a few years.

Sara said...

This is a great place to live! I love your new "stereotypes"!