Tuesday, June 03, 2008

ONC-Coordinated Federal HIT Strategic Plan: 2008-2012

Today the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) released "The ONC-Coordinated Federal Health Information Technology Strategic Plan: 2008-2012". Find more information here, including a synopsis of the full report.

The plan is meant to serve as a guide to coordinate the federal government's health IT efforts to achieve a nationwide implementation of an interoperable health information infrastructure.

Robert Kolondner, MD, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology states in the synopsis summary:
Looking toward the future, we can envision a health care system that is centered on each and every individual patient. Clinicians will have at their fingertips all of the information needed to provide the best care; individuals will have access to this and other information that can help them engage and insert their values in the decision-making process about their health and care; and, secure and authorized access to health data will provide new ways that biomedical research and public health can improve individual health, and the health of communities and the Nation.
The synopsis goes on to state that the plan has two goals -- "patient focused health care and population health" and describes them as follows:
Patient-focused Health Care: Enable the transformation to higher quality, more cost-efficient, patient-focused health care through electronic health information access and use by care providers, and by patients and their designees.

Population Health: Enable the appropriate, authorized, and timely access and use of electronic health information to benefit public health, biomedical research, quality improvement, and emergency preparedness.

Each goal has four objectives and the themes of privacy and security, interoperability, adoption, and collaborative governance recur across the goals, but they apply in very different ways to health care and population health.
I've only had a chance to scan the synopsis and the 115 page full report but should make for interesting reading for anyone involved in the ongoing evolution of our health care system and the impact that health technology is having on the industry.

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