Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gazette Covers West Virginia Blogger Effort to Confront Stereotypes

Today's Gazette local section covers the Better West Virginia project by West Virginia bloggers to examine and challenge the traditional West Virginia stereotype on West Virginia Day (June 20). Bloggers from around the state will post their view and vision of West Virginia's new stereotype.

Sarah Cooper over at the Putnam Scoop asked her regular readers to leave a comments with their impression of West Virginia and its stereotypes.

I would be interested to hear similar thoughts from my regular readers. Please leave a comment with your positive or negative stereotype of West Virginia and its people.


Bob Coffield said...

I'm reposting this comment left on another post.

Bob! I love the article in the Gazette this morning! West Virginians are lucky to have you here. I've enjoyed reading a few of your blogs. It fills my head with all of the great things I love about West Virginia. In my opinion, the best attribute of this fabulous state is the caring people. And it's those admirable people that put together events such as FestivAll (and Charleston Area Bloggers).
J. McGee

stacey said...

Bob, I commend you and all of the people who are working so diligently to change West Virginia's image. As a native Ohioan, I am always surprised by negative stereotypes about West Virginia. West Virginia has been one of my favorite vacation destinations with its exciting whitewater-rafting, gorgeous hiking and mountain biking opportunities, and wonderful artisans. You live in a beautiful state!