Monday, June 30, 2008

Mountain Stage: The Gold at the End of the Rainbow

A memorable 2008 FestivALL ended last evening with a great Mountain Stage performance at the Clay Center. One of the best all around performances I can remember in recent past.

A storm rolled through Charleston about 15 minutes before the performance and I captured the following photos. Coincidence or not? Well the pot of gold at the end of FestivALL was the "Gold" Mountain Rebels.

Jakob Dylan and the Gold Mountain Rebels were excellent as expected as the headliner. The Gold Mountain Rebels had a smooth tight sound that mixed well with Dylan's voice and lyrics. I really enjoyed the performances by singer songwriters, Andy Davis from Nashville and Priscilla Ahn from LA. Great new performers who I was first introduced to at the show and plan to hear more from. Krista Detor and Hayes Carll rounded out the evening with solid performances. For another perspective, check out Roger Lilly's review of the evening at the Charleston Gazette.

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Rebecca Burch said...

What a neat shot!!!!

And -- oh, man!!! I can't believe I missed FestivALL!!!!