Friday, November 11, 2005

More Capitol & Kids

I live across the Kanawha River from the West Virginia Capitol. This is one of my favorite photos taken on the same day. It is a photo of my son with a neighborhood friend.

You don't always appreciate the beauty of your surroundings, especially when they are in your backyard. I can see the Capitol from my backyard and at night it is a spectacular view. It is also beautiful in the fall to look across the river and see all the changing fall colors and the gold Capitol dome reflecting in the river.

The Capitol is just one example of the beauty of West Virginia. So often West Virginia is viewed negatively in the national media. For more photos on West Virginia be sure to check out Rick Lee's website and blog. I noticed that Rick just surpassed 50,000 visits to his photo blog. Through his blog he is a great ambassador of the beauty of West Virginia.

Here are some additional photos of the Capitol through Rick's lense:
  • More Capitol
  • Capitol Fauna
  • Con-dome (when they originally wrapped the Capitol up for the restroration project I made the suggestion that the state should have contacted Trojan for sponsorship. The project could have probably been paid for through the advertising dollars generated from a Trojan logo on the outside of the dome with a phrase like "protecting state government" for those passing by on I-64/79)
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