Sunday, September 03, 2006

Charleston Regatta: AnythingThat Floats

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Photos from the 2006 Charleston Regatta Anything That Floats Race. My favorite entry were the employees from Kid Country Toys. They didn't know whether the Black Pearl would sail or sink -- but sail it did down the Mighty Kanawha.

We live only a few blocks from the boat launch and our family hasn't missed this the last couple of years. The best part are the skits that recount the antics and history of the Kanawha River Navy. All the entrants seem to be known for their bribery of the judges.

Although the Black Pearl was the best floating entry -- my vote for best skit went to the Shadys Meet the Bradys. Where the WV family met the Brady Family and the curse of the VW. While preparing this post I quickly googled the Kanawha River Navy and came across the group's website, including some great photos from last year's event.

Below are some more photos that I took along with a link to my Flickr photos with a few more.

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