Sunday, December 09, 2007

Governor Manchin Rejects New Certificate of Need CT Standards

Eric Eyre reports in today's Sunday Gazette-Mail that Governor Manchin has rejected the proposed new Certificate of Need CT Standards approved by the West Virginia Health Care Authority last month.

The article indicates Governor Manchin sent a letter to the Authority's Board on Friday, December 7, asking that they re-examine the imaging equipment proposal and submit a revised plan. The article also indicates that Governor Manchin rejected the proposed new standards on the basis that the standards did not require physicians to accept low income patients.

For more background on the proposed new standards see my previous posts - here and here.

UPDATE (12/10/07): Governor Manchin's December 7, 2007 letter to the WVHCA.

UPDATE (1/26/08): On January 18, 2008, Governor Manchin approved the Authority's revisions to the Certificate of Need Computed Tomography Services Standards.


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