Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Revolution Health Expanding . . .

iHealthBeat reports via the Washington Post that Revolution Health is expanding its online health business by acquiring HealthTalk, a site focused on chronic conditions, and an investment in SparklePeople, a web site offering diet/exercise advice and ideas.

Case says in the Washington Post article:
. . . We are building a platform that reaches the largest possible audience, and in the process want to build the largest health brand from a consumer standpoint," said Revolution founder Steve Case. "Consumerism is going to become a driver in health care, which represents $2 trillion, or one-sixth of the economy. That segment is ripe for disruption, and the key disrupting force is consumers . . .
The article indicates that:
Based on October data compiled by comScore, an Internet market research firm, Revolution Health drew 105 million page views, while SparkPeople had 84 million and HealthTalk had 8 million, for a total of 197 million, Revolution Health spokesperson Brad Burns said.


Anonymous said...

They expect people to pay $129 a year for stuff they can get and do for free.

They don't pay their employees on time.

They make every mistake written about in The Mythical Man Month.

Sounds very revolutionary!

glenn said...


Couldn't find a direct way to contact you so sorry for posting it to the blog. I'll be brief, I've been working on some health2.0 stuff of late and found it difficult keeping up to date with the latest news, so wrote a little app to do the hard work in the background. I'm hoping in time it won't be completely reliant on me and the backend processes but grows to be something useful to the entire online health community. At the very least, it might give you an easy way to scan for the latest news relevant to this blog.

Would appreciate your opinions if you find it of any use,