Tuesday, December 11, 2007

HealthBlog by Bill Crounse, MD

HealthBlog by Bill Crounse, MD, a new (at least to me) health care IT blog to follow. Dr. Crounse is the Worldwide Health Director for Microsoft. I've added HealthBlog to my RSS reader and look forward to the great green content being generated by Dr. Crounse.

I picked up a reference to HealthBlog via a post by Jay Parkinson, MD giving his impression of the opening keynote address and morning session at the World Healthcare Innovation and IT Congress in Washington, D.C. (Dr. Crounse's comments include a summary of Kevin Kelly's keynote on mega trends: Global, You, Do and Open).

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Jeff O'Connor said...

Dr. Crounse's blog is very good. He doesn't update it as regularly as some (who am I to judge?), but when he does his posts are usually very informative and fairly lengthy.

I am not totally sure, but I think his blog is an extension of his role at Microsoft, as commenting seems to be moderated with an aim towards keeping discussions completely topical to the initial post - at least, that's my observation.