Sunday, December 09, 2007

Business Blogging Features in Sunday Gazette-Mail

Last week's Sunday Gazette-Mail featured an article, Blogging for Dollars: talky web journals keep customers in the loop, providing insight into some local business bloggers. I want to thank the reporter, Sarah Winn, for contacting me and allowing me the opportunity to be interviewed for the article.

The article featured my Health Care Law Blog along with these other West Virginia based business blogs:
  • Just A Modern Guy by Chuck Hamsher of The Purple Moon
  • Marketing Genius from Maple Creative
  • Direct Online Marketing
  • Jason Keeling and A Better West Virginia

  • It was nice to be featured along with these great blogs. The draw back of such an article is that you can't cover all the great West Virginia blogs that are available. For more check out the follow up comments by Skip Lineberg at Maple Creative and Paul at Direct Online Marketing.

    As a result of Justin Seibert's comment to this post I thought I would share a link to a resource over at This is not my blog that includes a good comprehensive list of West Virginia blogs (over 200). He also cites the blog roll at Lincoln Walks at Midnight as also having a comprehensive list of West Virginia blogs.

    Photo: Marketing and public-relations professionals Skip Lineberg of Maple Creative LLC and Jason Keeling of Keeling Strategic Communications LLC discuss blogging at the recent Create WV conference at Stonewall Resort. Each writes a blog and says his online journal has become a business tool.


    Satachai J. said...
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    Justin Seibert said...

    That's a good point, Bob. It's tough to find a single resource for bloggers here in our fair state. I was really excited that Sarah took the first big step (that I know of) for probably the most widely read daily in West Virginia.

    Justin Seibert said...

    Bob - You don't need to post this, but can if you want. Thanks for the follow up. The blog site suggestions were great and I hadn't seen them before. Cheers!