Thursday, July 12, 2007

WVHCA Issues Proposed CT Standards

Yesterday, July 11, the West Virginia Health Care Authority issued proposed CON Standards covering computerized tomography (CT) services in West Virginia.

The proposed Computed Tomography Services CON Standards provide a new need methodology process for new, additional or replacement CT scanning services by hospital and non-hospital applicants. The proposed standards set forth a weighted need methodology threshold of 3,000 scans per year and provide an exemption for CT scanners costing less that $300,000.

Although I've not read anything official from the Authority, today's Charleston Gazette article indicates that the Authority will accept comments on the proposed standards during the next 30 days and the Authority's board will vote on the regulations at its September meeting. The new standards will then be sent to Governor Manchin for final approval. UPDATE: The Authority has now posted information about submitting comments. The deadline for submitting comments is August 10, 2007.

The Charleston Gazette reports on the new standards today in its article, "Doctors' offices to be allowed to buy CT scanners". Additional background information on the development of the CT Standards can be found on the Authority's CT Services Workgroup Meeting site. For comparison, the old 1992 CT Standards are available.

UPDATE 8/22/07: It appears that the Authority has extended the deadline for submitting comments until August 31, 2007 based upon the Notice of Public Comment listed on the Authority's website. Also the Authority has uploaded the comments submitted on the proposed CT Standards.

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