Friday, October 27, 2006

HHS designates CCHIT as RCB

CCHIT is the first group to be designated by HHS as a RCB. How's that for health care acronyms!

The Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technlogy's (CCHIT) designation as as a Recognized Certification Body (RCB) will allow for those marketing health IT products to move forward for approval as a certified interoperable product. The article indicates that CCHIT as a RCB will be able to evaluate health information technology products to ensure that they meet base-line requirements for functionality, interoperability and security.

The importance of RCB approval also plays into gaining the benefits of the new safe harbors for Anti-kickback and Stark law allowing electronic health information systems to be donated to physicians by hospitals, health plans and others.

A summary is also provided in the HHS Press Release.

UPDATE: Tax-exempt hospitals should be cautious and examine the tax implications of donating health information technology equipment to physicians and other for-profit health care providers. Non-profits have to examine whether the donation is a public vs. private benefit and I would think that most attorneys would recommended seeking a private letter ruling from the IRS prior to donating equipment.

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