Friday, November 05, 2004

Another Blog on HIPAA Issues

I ran across HIPAA Blog covering medical privacy issues involving the Privacy Standards under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and other technology and legal tidbits. I have found the content on the blog excellent and look forward to watching developments posted on this blog. The blog is authored by Jeffrey Drummond of Jackson Walker, LLP in Dallas, TX.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Office of West Virginia Attorney General Announces New Prescription Drug Comparision Web Site

I noticed on a couple of articles, including an article by, that the Office of West Virginia Attorney General has created a prescription drug comparison web site. The Associated Press reported that the Attorney General announced the purpose of the website was to educate consumers and help them reduce drug costs.

According to the Associated Press article, the site includes a list of 24 commonly prescribed drugs and their full retail prices at pharmacies across the state. It also features links to state and federal prescription drug discount programs.

It appears that the information is based upon a survey of various pharmacies around the state of West Virginia. You can view a list of the pharmacies that participated in the survey.

Following is the introductory information posted on the new website:

"According to statistics supplied by the Robert C. Byrd Institute for Health Policy Research, on any given day approximately 425,107 West Virginians (40,637 children, 292,599 non-elderly adults, and 91,871 older adults) go without prescription drug coverage. These citizens have to pay the full retail price for medications out of their own pockets. Additionally, there are many West Virginians who do have health insurance but lack adequate coverage for prescription drugs and must buy them at full price. If you are one of these citizens or a caregiver for one of them, this site may be a useful tool that you will find helpful.

On this site, you will find results of surveys of the prices of commonly prescribed prescription drugs at pharmacies in various counties across the state. To find the prescription drug prices at pharmacies surveyed by our office, use the search option on the top or bottom of this page to get started.

This information will show you the value of comparison-shopping among pharmacies to get the best price for your prescription drugs. Remember, this is a voluntary program and we do not have survey results from every pharmacy in the state. Keep in mind that prices change frequently. Always call or visit your pharmacy to find out the price before buying your medication . . ."