Monday, October 30, 2006

Cost Of Living In Charleston, Martinsburg, Morgantown and Vienna

Does it cost more (or less) to live in West Virginia? Numerous times this question has either come up or been posed to me. The Charleston Daily Mail had a blurb today on a recent report issued by the WVU College of Business & Economics examining cost of living.

The report looks at 4 cities in West Virginia: Charleston, Morgantown, Martinsburg and Vienna. All come in below the national average for cost of living. Vienna (91.1%), Charleston (92.8%), Martinsburg (97.7%) and Morgantown (99.7%). The report also has a snapshot of prices for milk, new home, pizza, boy's jeans and a movie. Interesting info.

The West Virginia Business & Economic Review, Fall 2006 covers the topic in its report, "Cost of Living in West Virginia Cities: Second Quarter 2006."

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