Monday, January 07, 2008

President-Elect of American Medical Association

Congratulations to Elkins, West Virginia native, Nancy J. Nielsen, M.D., Ph.D., president-elect of the American Medical Association. Dr. Nielsen will only be the second female to hold the position. Another example of a West Virginian making great strides in health care and medicine.

More of the story from today's Charleston Daily Mail. AMA press release dated June 23, 2006.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This animal bacterium, Clostrium perfrigens, causes:
1. Premature births and deaths
2. Women having problems conceiving i.e. Jessica Doyle or having miscarriages. Women of this country have lost their reproductive freedoms due to this as well and including me!! Keep in mind, the Bush twins will probably have problems as well due to their physical structures especially Barbara Bush.
3. M.S.-me and not being in a wheelchair or using a cane after 10 yrs!! It goes to our enamel of our teeth, too. 200 people a day in the USA were diagnosed with this Dz in 2001 and over 66 million children were affected with this bacterium at that time. Currently 300 people a day in the USA alone are diagnosed with it.
The reason I am not using a cane or wheelchair is because Dr. Emre Kokman said to do regular exercising!!! Exercising forces more oxygenated blood through me and decreases the chance of the bacterium to be in an environment devoided or lack of oxygen. Scuba diving helps me a lot because I am breathing pure oxygen!!
4. Parkinson Dz-young and old, observed Michael J. Fox via T.V. and Pope John Paul, the second, died from this. Pope John Paul, the second, was rolling or kicking at his coffin when I went into a deep sleep and when I wrote the Parkinson Pathway, Pope John Paul, the second, stopped his actions; and soon after that I woke up in the morning with a message from him, “Thou shall not have false Gods before thy!” Billy Graham has this too and this is how the next door neighbors cared about him when they are of this faith?? Keep in mind, Billy Graham has not been very open about this, either, since I could not find anything about when he was diagnosed with the Disease. I e-mailed his organization when he was diagnosed and they told me 13 yrs. when he was on 20/20 on ABC when talking about the presidents’ and their faith along with their wives. They said he had it for 15 years??
5. Autism-
6. Yes, I wrote the pathway for M.S. and Parkinson Dz!! I need the pathway to Parkinson since I do not have a copy of it because I did not store it in my long term memory.
7. Bone Dz- George Sr. due to his over exposure from ground sports and along with his sky diving during WW2 , also all Geologists and Scientists that work with Mother Earth run a high risk of getting one of these diseases as well. George Sr. had it; however, he went through a special surgery to correct the matter that is why he was golfing in California on March 12, 2007 on National TV. One place that does this surgery is Oshkosh Mercy Medical Hospital and those two did not take us up on the offer when we had a dog during his time in office as Vice-President and President named after him!! The dog’s name was Bourgeois!! ( show picture) Also, the fact, he met my {late} father-in-law in World War II. This is the type of thanks we get for saving his life. I was recently diagnosed with Osteoporosis.
8. Alzheimer’s- my mother-in-law, and Ronald Reagan who had died from this as well.
9. Yes, the nation blood supply has been affected because of it being part of the immune system and the blood supply has to be leukocyte poor or leukocyte deprived!
10. Children not being able to handle this sheep bacterium, which is causing more violent etc behavior in all our children.

There are 4.5 million adults with Alzheimer’s in the USA. Estimated in 2006, there are 26.6 million people, worldwide, with Alzheimer’s. There are 241,267 from the ages from 3-22 with Autism in the USA, and one out of 150 births end up with this Disease. Currently, about 55% of the people of 50 yrs. of age and older have Osteoporosis in the U.S.A. 10 million already have the disease. There are 60,000 new cases each year of Osteoporosis. About 1.5 million Americans have Parkinson disease diagnosed after 65. The occurrence of Parkinson worldwide is 1% and 1.6% in Europe. 15% of the United States population is diagnosed under the age of 50 with M.S.; and what I figured out; there are 1.5 million with M.S. in the United States alone!! 1 out of 500 has the disease, currently. All these Diseases are increasing due to global warming. People of the world need to know that it takes 10 yrs. to decompose Cigarette butts in the environment, and all that litter of plastic materials do not decompose at all!! It is time people take care of Mother Earth what God created for us to enjoy and respect!!
The nation’s and the world’s water supply in developed countries have been contaminated with this, too!! Because of the world not doing anything about global warming over the CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels, there is not enough carbonate or bicarbonate to break down the calcium-enriched endospores of this animal bacterium in the soil and in the water. This is just a summary; however, this is what needs to be employed to the water supply!! The nation and world’s water supply has to be plated and grown in the proper media. One dilutes it with the proper dilution of lime to neutralize the endospores in the water. The dilution of lime would be added in the secondary or tertiary processes of the waste water treatment plants.

Mayo Clinic is getting by mail the final copy of the speech that I was to give but because of the next door neighbors charging on our mastercard we had fraud and not card this happened the saturday before the pope came!! I want the e-mail address of the new president of tht AMA to send a complete copy of the speech!! I was abused in Theda clark hospital in sept!! 16 yrs of pain and suffering because there doctors who do not keep up on their material and did not contact Mayo Clinic over this and I was giving the truth!! Keep in mind, I have 12 weeks of datam to show this is true!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rome is screaming mad also!! People are dying and suffering worldwide from these dzs!!

Anonymous said...


I had eye surgery and in the post-op pack was MAXIDEX(dexamethasone) drops by ALCON LABS.

Two days later I was BLIND

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