Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Dr. Crounse Interviews Dr. Parkinson: A Look Into A New Generation of Physicians and Patients

Bill Crounse, MD of HealthBlog posts about his interview courtesy of ScribeMedia) with Jay Parkinson, MD about his unique business model for today and tomorrows health care delivery - part concierge medicine, part old-time house call infused with modern technology.

Dr Crounse on Dr. Parkinson:
. . . someone who I believe is setting the bar for a new generation of healthcare professionals and the patients they care for. Someone who isn't afraid to buck the system. Someone who says, "why not?" instead of "why?". Someone who just plain understands how to leverage the power of the Net in healthcare . . . he is doing exactly what needs to be done to better serve his patients. He is leading by example, and I have nothing but admiration for what he is doing.

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