Sunday, August 13, 2006

Topsail Beach and Web 2.0

I've been off the grid for most of the week while spending time with my family and good friends at Topsail Beach, NC. Our family's first time at Topsail -- what a great beach community. The web access was limited but luckily I had my new Blackberry 8700c (I finally broke down and got a blackberry to give it a try) which allowed us to get to the grid to look up vital information like "how to skimboard."

On our way back to WV we are spending a few days in Chapel Hill with family and I'm now catching up with some backlogged grid reading. Coincidently one of the posts I read was by Matt Ballard, another West Virginia blogger who specializes in economic development for the Charleston Area Alliance. His post, "Trip to North Carolina Leads to Flickr Encounter," highlights and my finding it (and commenting) while in Chapel Hill further highlight in simple terms the powers of the new web 2.0 interaction and communication.

In conversation I often talk about the new people focused technology and what it means over the coming years. This new technology has been referred to as Web 2.0.

As a good starting point, Mike Arrington at TechCrunch has put together a 24 minute documentary on "What is Web 2.0?"

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