Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Healthcare Blogging Summit 2006

For those readers who are health care bloggers or interested in becoming a health care blogger or better understanding the impact of blogging on the health care industy you may want to plan to attend the Healthcare Blogging Summit 2006 scheduled for December 11th in D.C. The event is being held in conjunction with the Consumer Health World conference.

The event is the brainchild of Dmitriy Kruglyak of The Medical Blog Network. The summit looks like it will be a great event based on the speakers lined up for various panel discussions. I plan to try to attend and meet in person some of the health bloggers I've communicated with.

If you blog on health care industry related topics take time and complete a survey being conducted by The Medical Blog Network and Envision Solutions called Taking The Pulse Of The Healthcare Blogosphere. The results will be released and discussed at the Healthcare Blogging Summit and should provide the first organized look at the state of the healthcare blogging community.

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