Monday, April 03, 2006

West Virginia Legislature Adds RSS Feed

While preparing a post summarizing the 2006 West Virginia health care related legislation, I noticed that the West Virginia Legislature website has added RSS feed features. It's great to see the staff at the Legislature add this feature. A quick Google search turned up the following summary by the National Conference of State Legislatures of state Legislatures using blog and RSS feed technology.

Currently, the following live RSS feeds are available on the website:
* Members' News Releases (Senate and House)
* Interim Highlights
* Meeting schedules
* Legislature's newsletter, Wrap-Up

It appears that all of the following are under a single RSS feed ( If you don't know much about RSS, its benefits and how to use it -- start by going to the West Virginia Legislature's summary on RSS.

UPDATE: Brian Peterson comments on my find of the new Legislature RSS feed feature and makes recommendations for additional feeds. For example, feeds involving particular bills or bills by suject area. Also, I suggest in his comments that they include feeds based on a particular bill sponsors.

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