Thursday, January 15, 2009

WVHFMA: Consumer Driven Health Care

Tomorrow I will be speaking on consumer driven health care at the West Virginia Chapter Healthcare Financial Management Association's Winter Education Conference in Charleston, West Virginia.

I thought I would post my slides for the presentation titled, Consumer Driven Health Care: The Impact of Social Media and Health 2.0. The presentation is an introduction to the concepts of social media, health 2.0, consumer driven health care and some of the legal implications.

This past week I ask my social media network on Facebook and Twitter to help develop a list of words and phrases that represent Consumer Driven Health Care. The results are included in the presentation.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this to Slideshare!

One edit: Jane Sarasohn-Kahn was inspired by Gilles Frydman's Tweet: "Tell me & I'll forget. Show me & I may remember. Involve me & I'll understand (Chinese proverb/Participatory Medicine motto?)"

What was the audience reaction to your presentation?

Bob Coffield said...

Thanks Susannah for the comment. Yes, I should have also included attribution to Gilles Frydman for her tweet on the Chinese proverb. I ran out of space on my slide.

Here is a link to Jane's post on How the new economy can motivate health engagement for the better which includes a reference to the tweet by Gilles Frydman.

Tom Daly said...

Great presentation!