Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hatfields & McCoys, Book Banning and The World Is Flat

Larry Messina beat me to the post. I agree - quote of the day from award winning author, Pat Conroy in a letter to the editor appearing in today's Charleston Gazette.
"Because you banned my books, every kid in that county will read them, every single one of them. Because book banners are invariably idiots, they don’t know how the world works — but writers and English teachers do."
More on the the story involving the suspension of two of his books, Beach Music and The Prince of Tides, from high school English class at Nitro High School.

The emailed letter to the editor was in response to an effort lead by Makenzie Hatfield, a George Washington High School senior who the article indicates is working to for form a coalition against censorship. Hatfield emailed the author about the situation and received the response.

Just another example of how the ease of modern communication (email, internet, blogging, etc.) can put anyone (student) in contact with anyone else (author). The world is flat.

Conroy also weaves in the Hatfields & McCoys and ends with my other favorite quote from the letter.
"I salute the English teachers of Charleston, West Virginia, and send my affection to their students. West Virginians, you’ve just done what history warned you against — you’ve riled a Hatfield."


Jane Sarasohn-Kahn said...

Bob, it saddens me that there is still book banning in this country. But why should I be surprised at this time in American history? Thankfully, we have more transparency and the ability to get the word out -- as you have done here. Thanks for reminding us how important freedom of thought and speech are, and how we must continue to vigilantly guard these precious rights. Jane

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for supporting our cause and getting it out there.

Please keep supporting us.

Sincerely, Makenzie Hatfield