Saturday, September 22, 2007

Health 2.0 Physician Model: House Calls and FICO

Just back from Health 2.0 and was reading about Dr. Parkinson who demonstrates his new (disruptive) model changing the way health care is provided. Don't miss the great discussion in the comments. Check out Dr. Parkinson's website Jay Parkinson, MD + MPH (and his blog).

Dr. Parkinson's approach also highlights something of value that I think has been missing from health care for years -- house calls. I had the chance to watch and go on house calls with my dad, a retired rural physician. There is incredible value in seeing the patient in his/her own environment.

Dr. Parkinson's response in the comments is a concrete example of Scott Shreeve's FICO concept discussed at Health 2.0. Dr. Parkinson comment:
"I’m also toying with the possibility of lowering the following year’s fee for each individual who utilizes my services less often than average. We’ll see."

Update: Catch an interview with Dr. Parkinson who explains his business mode on ABC News.

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