Friday, June 23, 2006

Father's Day Fishing

Since I'm on a FestiVALL catfish kick -- what's a few more fish tales from Father's Day. I grew up with the beautiful Ohio River in the backyard and we visited Papa's house this past weekend for Fathers Day. We went fishing in the backyard and came away with fun, fish and some good photos.

A shot of the fisherman watching his line at dusk on the great Ohio River.

First bass from the Ohio River.

Here's the fish that got away. This is the largest catfish that I've ever seen come from the river. The head was all that was left from this old fish washed up on the bank. I've heard stories of this size catfish living on the bottom near the Hannibal Dam -- but never proof. I suspect this one would have been at least 4 feet long. Yes, that's a dollar bill laying next to his mouth in the second photo -- his mouth was wider than the dollar bill.

Relaxing with Papa after a long Fathers Day reading Richard Scarry's What Do People Do All Day.

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