Wednesday, February 18, 2009

World Health Care Congress Consumer Connectivity: Overcoming Legal and Policy Barriers for Health IT Adoption

Next week I will be speaking at the World Health Care Congress 2nd Annual Leadership Summit on Consumer Connectivity in Carlsbad, CA on February 23-24. I will be co-presenting a session on Overcoming Legal and Policy Barriers for Health IT Adoption with Rod Piechowski, Senior Associate Director for Policy, American Hospital Association and Director, National Assocation of Health Information Technology.
Our session will examine the following areas:
  • Addressing the need to reform the overall payment system to spur system-wide IT adoption
  • Managing the shift in traditional practice models to meet cross-generational needs – Strategies to change traditional behaviors
  • Evaluating the current legal barriers to utilizing web-based applications and today's PHRs
  • Responding to the shift in medical information ownership – moving from provider-based to patient-centered records
  • Overcoming current concerns of defamation and invasion of personal privacy
  • HIPAA Compliance – Expanding regulations to cover PHRs and other web-based health IT applications
  • Discussing the merger of traditional healthcare with the next generation/Health 2.0 community

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Deborah said...

Best wishes, Bob. Will you provide access to your presentation on this blog afterwards? Although I am unable to attend, I would be interested in reading your comments.