Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Rainmaking 101

Friend and West Virginia lawyer colleague, Pat Kelly, told me today about the release of his new book on client development and rainmaking. Although I have yet to read the book -- I know Pat well and look forward to his valuable insight on the topic.

Rainmaking 101: How to Grow Your Client Base & Maximize Your Income, is being distributed through Authorhouse, Amazon and Target. The price at Authorhouse is $14.95.

The summary from the back cover:

Each year, millions of talented men and women embark on professional careers, convinced that technical proficiency and hard work alone will propel them to the top, only to find themselves competing with an army of equally ambitious newcomers. Which individuals will beat the odds? THE RAINMAKERS. Young entrepreneurial professionals who excel at the most important skill of all — client development.

Mere months after graduation from law school, Pat Kelly realized that his legal education had failed to cover one very important component to being successful — how to attract and maintain clients. Mr. Kelly discovered that it wasn’t enough to be smart, diligent, and motivated. He had to gain a competitive edge and make business RAIN DOWN on himself and the fi rm that hired him. On the pages of this easy-to-read book, he spells out the essential skills, attitudes, and strategies that can help you do the same.

Learn how to:

  • Stand out from a crowd of talented professionals.
  • Create a memorable first impression.
  • Bridge communication gaps that separate you from older generations.
  • Make the most of social and professional events.
  • Follow the “Platinum Rule” to build client trust and loyalty.
  • Develop quality relationships with colleagues and clients.
  • Hone vital social and conversational skills.
  • Deliver presentations with lasting impact.
DECIDE NOW to be a RAINMAKER. With a little practice, a little imagination, and a little creativity, the only thing that won’t be “little” will be the results.


jeff said...

Does blogging bring rain? If so, you are truly a rainmaker Bob Coffield.

aglu said...
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Dave Yaussy said...

Pat's a great guy and a fine lawyer. I look forward to reading his book

Jeff Mehalic said...


Thanks for the info on Pat's book, which focuses on a topic that is always of interest and importance to lawyers (and anyone who is trying to attract customers to his or her business, for that matter).