Thursday, January 22, 2009

Medical Uses of Twitter: Twitter Consult

Two case studies pointing out additional medical uses for Twitter from Jennifer Texada at How to Go Web 2.0.

Her post, Health 2.0 Makes it to Twitter, discusses two separate cases. The first involved the use of Twitter by medical professionals seeking real time advice with a diagnosis. Call it a "Twitter Consult." The second involved a researcher looking for exercise study participants who were endometrial cancer survivors.


Janet Johnson said...

Hey, Bob, thanks for publicizing these. I am thrilled someone is trying to 'weave through state and federal health care regulations' - because we're only going to need people like you more as folks demand information on health and medicines online.



Jennifer Texada said...

Thanks for this! This blog is great I would love to hear from you about all of the questions that hospitals are having around participating in social media. I have been fielding a few questions on HIPAA and social media that I think we understand how to handle, but all the questions are starting to give me doubts!