Thursday, September 25, 2008

WVHCA Examining Current CON Standards

The West Virginia Health Care Authority has scheduled various public meetings over the coming months to discuss and examine the current certificate of need standards for a variety of service areas.

As states on the Authority's website these meetings are being held as a part of the legislature's review of West Virginia's certificate of need statute.

The dates of the meetings scheduled to be held at the Authority's Charleston office are as follows. Most of the meetings are set for 1pm. Those interested can also participate by phone. Call-in information: 1.800.244.2500, Code #9271804.

September 25 - Renal Dialysis
October 7 - Hospice & Home Health
October 14 – Medical Rehabilitation
October 15 – Lithotripsy (2nd meeting)
October 22 – Long Term Care
October 23 – Ambulatory Surgical Care
October 28 - Ambulatory Care Centers
November 5 - Radiation Therapy
November 12 - Imaging
November 13 - Behavioral Health
November 19 - In Home Personal Care
November 20 – Private Office Practices

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