Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Is Your Health Care Killing You?

Check out and download for free the EBook, "My Health Care Is Killing Me: a survival guide for the american healthcare consumer."

The book was written by a couple of colleagues, Christopher Parks and Robert Hedricks, health care technology innovators and disruption mavericks who started change:healthcare based in Nashville.

A short interview covering the who, what why about the book. The basic reason for writing the book is summarized by Robert as:
It really began as a way to help our employees – some of whom hadn’t worked in healthcare before – better understand key aspects of the industry and our role in helping consumers regain control over their own healthcare. I began writing by covering some of the basics – providers, bills, insurance, industry terminology – and things just cascaded from there.
Congratulations on completing the book and love the cover photo of the two of you running down the hall. Very appropriate.

UPDATE: Notice the tagged "book cover outtake" photos on Facebook of Christopher and Robert. Fun stuff. I especially the shot to the right for volume 2 - How Our Health Care Is Killing Primary Care Physicians.

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