Friday, November 02, 2007

Spread The Word: World Diabetes Day

Fellow health care blogger, Amy Tenderich of Diabetes Mine asked that I help spread the word about National Diabetes Month (November) and World Diabetes Day on November 14. Here is her post, Diabetes Mine: World Diabetes Day Agenda Grows, and Grows...

On November 14 landmarks around the world (including the Empire State Building) will be lighting up using the color of the World Diabetes Day logo.
Why don't we light up something in West Virginia to show support? Why not the WV Capitol?

Why should West Virginians care about this? West Virginia ranks #1 in Adult's with Diabetes in the United States at 11.1% (U.S. Average is 7.4%). For more information check out the WV Diabetes Prevention and Control Program (note: the summary info indicates WV rate in 2006 at 12.1%).


Meghan said...
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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the World Diabetes Day. Thanks
I know couple of friends with type I diabetes. They watched their diet and exercised regularly. No more diabetes. In my opinion, diet and exercise is the best medicine.