Monday, November 26, 2007

A Lesson For All West Virginia Expatriates: Country Road Less Traveled

Rodriquez is running to Michigan for the $$$ and prestige. Sad ending to his career here in West Virginia. The Detroit Free Press writes:
Rodriguez had a 10-minute meeting with his team early this afternoon, told the 11th-ranked Mountaineers that he was leaving for Michigan and went back to his office, according to West Virginia media reports.

His players had little comment but looked downtrodden.
Nice story about Coach Rodriquez decision from Dan Wetzel, Yahoo Sports. A story that all West Virginia expatriates should read. A story of recognizing the benefits of staying home (or coming home) and making great things happen here.

Congratulations to Coach Rodriquez, Coach Stewart (a native of my hometown of New Martinsville), Coach Casteel (a native of Paden City just down the road from New Martinsville), the rest of the coaching staff and all the Mountaineer players on a great win Saturday over Connecticut.

Good luck the West Virginia Mountaineers this coming week against Pitt in the Backyard Brawl. Here is hoping that Pat White and the rest of the Mountaineers take the growl out of the Panthers and head toward New Orleans. My favorite Pat White video from the 2007 edition of the Backyard Brawl in Pittsburgh. BEAT PITT!

Note: Wondering whether
Dan Wetzel is from West Virginia and related to the namesake of the county where I grew up, Wetzel County, made famous by the great Indian fighter, Lewis Wetzel. My Coffield family actually traveled to West Virginia (then Virginia) in the mid 1700s with the Wetzel family who settled in what is now Marshall County. One of my distant relatives married Martin Wetzel, Lewis' older brother.

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