Thursday, April 05, 2007

Health Care Mashup: Who Is Sick?

A good example of health 2.0 and what is on the horizon for health care. Another unique approach to solving health care problems through technology and social networking.

Who is Sick? is a public health mashup using consumer driven (social networking) health information and Google maps. Just imagine the public health possibilities.

Here is the background and history behind this new health 2.0 company.

Thanks to Tony Chen at Hospital Impact for pointing out this new health care venture.

Do you want to know what others think about your doctor? Check out RateMD another interesting health 2.0 startup focused on consumer driven information. How about comparing what you are paying for health care vs. what others are paying? Check out MedBillManager which allows you to manage, track and compare what others are being charged for health care.

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