Friday, April 20, 2007

Enought Health 2.0: What about Law 2.0? Avvo

Caught this at Between Lawyers and Real Lawyers Have Blogs while RSS'ing this morning. Lately I've done a number of posts on Health 2.0 companies and thought I would switch gears to Law 2.0.

I'll be watching with interest the roll out of Avvo, a new online legal services startup that has garnered significant (to the tune of $10M) interest from the VC community. Apparently, Avvo is short for "Avvocato," which is lawyer in Italian. If you want to sign up to beta test Avvo or share your ideas on how to make the legal industry a simpler place, you can let Avvo know.

UPDATE (6/4/07): Kevin O'Keefe at LexBlog is reporting today that Avvo is making its official entrance tomorrow. I'm interested to see what they offer to the legal community and those who need/use lawyers.

UPDATE (6/11/07): Denise Howell at Lawgarithms has the latest on the threat to sue Avvo and great analysis (with links) of some of the legal issues swirling around reputation based rating systems like Avvo for lawyers and Section 230 immunity. Also, this week's Blawg Review #112 at Justia's Legal SEO and Marketing Blog spills a lot of "l-ink" over Avvo. David Harlow of HealthBlawg makes an interesting observation of the difference between lawyers (Avvo) and physicians (Sermo).

UPDATE (6/12/07): More from Kevin O'Keefe at LexBlog on the pending class action lawsuit that appears likely to be filed against Avvo.

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