Thursday, June 22, 2006

WV Announces $318M Common Sense Cost Savings Measure

Today's Charleston Daily Mail reported on the Performance Review Report issued by Public Works LLC, a consulting firm hired by the state to look at and identify specific areas of state government -- including health and human resources -- where cost savings could be generated.

Although I've not read a complete copy of the report, I was intrigued by the following excerpt from the Daily Mail article:

. . . One example of a cost-cutting solution involves revamping the West Virginia Medicaid Fraud Control Unit within the Department of Health and Human Resources. Public Works suggests adding staff to the unit, which has only six investigators. Through combating Medicaid fraud further, the state could save $20 million in its first year of increased efforts, according to the findings. West Virginia's annual Medicaid budget is $2.3 billion, the largest expenditure item in the state. . .

What this means for health care providers in West Virginia is that there will be an increase in investigations and enforcement activities by the West Virginia Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.

For more info on the report check out the Governor's Office press release (and audio), State Will Realize Savings of $318 Million By Implementing "Common Sense" Cost Saving Measures.

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