Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More Blawgs on a Roll: 1,200 - 643=557

Following up on my 643 Blawgs and counting post, another article on law bloggers crossed my screen thanks to Evan Schaeffer at Legal Underground. Tom Mighell of Inter Alia and Between Lawyers has written an article over at ABA Law Practice Management titled, "The Next Stage of Lawyer Blogging."

The article discusses the past, present and future of law blogs. By his calculation there have been over 1,500 law blogs created since 2002 and that 80% of these are still active. That would put the number at roughly 1,200 law blogs (1,200 - 643 = 557).

The article provides some practical advice for lawyers who might be just jumping into the blogoshere and allows those of us who have been blogging for a while to better understand why we do it and how we can improve what we are doing. I've been toying with the idea of a collaborative health care blog idea and was excited to see that Tom predicts collaborative blogs will be on the rise in the future.

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