Thursday, January 26, 2006

WebMD Health Blogs

WebMD has rolled out a number of new health topic blogs. This weeks edition of Grand Rounds hosted by Kevin, M.D. featured some of the posts on the WebMD Health Blogs. After scanning some of the blogs the quality of the content looks great. I have subscribed to a couple RSS feeds to follow posts on topics of interest to me.

The health blogs cover a wide variety of topics of interest to health care consumers. Some of the blogs are by health care experts (notice the EV "Expert View" designation) and other are by WebMD members. Based on the archives from most of the blogs it appears that WebMD has had this project up and running since November 2005.

I looked for some additional information on the WebMD member blogs but could not find any information. The curious lawyer in me was interested to understand how members are chosen to be a WebMD sponsored blog. Are there any restrictions placed on posting? Are the members compensated for blogging? etc. WebMD would benefit by having a disclosure and general summary of blog policies and background on the blogs on the main blog page.

I'd like to welcome all the new bloggers to the growing network of bloggers focusing on health and health care industry topics.

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