Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Ohio River

The Ohio River flows behind my dad’s house in New Martinsville. I took this photo while I was home in New Martinsville over the holidays. This is the view from the kitchen and dining room. Notice the moon still shining.

Over the years our family has grown accustomed to the Ohio River flowing by with all its beauty, changing from day to day and season to season. It’s a photo like this that reminds me how beautiful it can be. I'm often struck when someone visits our house for the first time and is mesmerized by the beauty of the river and fascinate by the tug/barge traffic as it goes up and down the river.

I was playing around with a new feature that I noticed on Flickr that links you to You can take a photo on Flickr and create a custom stamp. If you haven’t checked out Zazzle (or Flickr) give them a whirl. Zazzle is such a simple concept -- it allows you to create things using your (or some other artists) artwork, photos, etc. I was thinking about creating a few stamps using this photo to send to my dad as a gift.

Here are the instructions on how to use the Zazzle stamp feature through Flickr:

To start creating a real U.S. postage stamp with Zazzle, first head over to one of your photos. On your photo pages, you will see an "order prints" menu button: Click the "Order Prints" button and find the Zazzle option at the bottom. Have fun — and send us a postcard!

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