Monday, October 31, 2005

What three blogs do you go to first?

While scanning the growing number of blog/RSS feeds that sit in my RSS reader I came across a blog post by The Greatest American Lawyer that made me stop and think.

The question, "What three blogs do I you go to first?"

Hmmmm. . . Sometimes it depends on my mood or whether I am at work or play. However, right now these blogs are in cycle. For the sake of interest and experimentation I'd be interested to see the top 3 of other bloggers. Please add a post to your blog highlighting your top three.

Here are my top three (in no particular order):
Hospital Impact
Bag & Baggage

I also find it interesting to see what others have in there "my feeds" section of bloglines if you use the public feature. I have found some great blogs to follow by seeing what other bloggers are monitoring. For those of you who use bloglines you can view feeds for a particular person by clicking on the "___ subscribers" button at the top of the page when viewing a particular blog thru bloglines. You can then click on a particular subscriber to pull up their "my feeds" list.

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