Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Pig in a Python

Interesting Yahoo News item from USA Today asking the question of "who will take care of an older population?" I once heard the baby boomer population (1946-66) referred to as a pig in a python.

As a result of a the aging baby boomers the health care system and health care funding will have to change. One only has to look at the impact that the baby boomer generation had on higher education to see some of the trends. Most of the discussion today is how we will provide and pay for health care as this group ages. One additional question that is further on the horizon will be once we expand health care to deal with the demand what will happen on the downslope.

For another interesting perspective.

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LawIsCool said...

Recent developments in Canada suggest that the publically funded model may not only be more viable, but may also be the solution to the baby boomer crisis.