Sunday, August 16, 2009

Health Care Reform Explained from Back of the Napkin Blog

Dan Roam at the Back of the Napkin Blog sums up the current health care reform effort in this four part health care series, Healthcare Napkins All. Great back of the napkin summary of health reform (actually insurance reform).

Thanks to Jay Parkinson MD for the tip.


Mike said...

This was very informative, thank you for sharing. It's always easier when it is in pictures and not in shouting matches.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation, but what about the some tort reform? Seems to me that there are an awful lot of regulations keeping us from getting private insurance more competitive (across state lines) due to government regulations. The spike in cost can be traced back to the introduction of medicare/medicaid and government incentives for business to provide private insurance...and out of control malpractice suits.

Anonymous said...

I really like what you propose. It offers a lot to think about, but how I wish we were really tackling this debate on all sides as opposed to just the one side.
I really like the Dr Maya Rockeymoore says what we need, "Our current fee-for-service, market-based system is highly inefficient with redundant administrative costs and abundant opportunities for waste, fraud and abuse. The current system is also focused on “sick care.” We have a system that pays doctors and insurers more for treatment of disease and illness than for prevention and wellness services. A public option that embraces prevention and wellness and focuses on quality, affordable, efficient care would force private insurers to reform their systems accordingly.",com_sectionex/Itemid,200076/id,8/view,category/#catid107
We really need to adjust the medical industry towards a preventative method of treatment, which is where medicine should have remained in the first place. Health is not a business I would want to see remain a business, but rather a practice that has business needs which must be managed.