Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Health 2.0 Boston: Tweet Stream Analysis

Chris Hogg does a great job of capturing the metrics of the Twitter discussion that occurred during the recent Health 2.0 Boston conference. Check out his slide show analysis of the Tweet Stream from the conference.
As someone who tweets at conferences that I attend I found the analysis very interesting. Some of what interested me the most from the slides:
  • There were over 3,000 tweets from 344 people attending the conference. Don't know what the total attendance of the conference -- but I suspect the 344 number is a relatively large percentage of the total attending.
  • Loved the use of the Wordle clouds to visually represent the discussion that occurred via Twitter.
  • Great to see the word "patient" as the second most tweeted word.
  • Slide 10 shows a mapping of those in the Health 2.0 network. Would love to see a blown up version of this slide to see the connections in more detail.

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Chris Hogg said...

Hi Bob,

Thanks for posting the slideshow and glad you enjoyed it. Looking at the data definitely made me think about how valuable specific twitter streams can be as data sources. Now we need those more adept at this type of analysis to step in and really provide value!

As for the network slide, this is just a representation. I could not figure out how to map the network (tried using @ replies, etc. but could not do it). I had a small note at the bottom, but it was definitely too small! I would love for someone to do this mapping - map the conversations, map followers, etc. I think this would be really interesting and valuable, but beyond my skill set.

Chris Hogg