Monday, March 02, 2009

WVHCA FY 2007 Annual Report: A Summary of Health Care In West Virginia

The West Virginia Health Care Authority's 2008 Annual Report for FY 2007 is now available. The report summary was provided to the West Virginia Legislature by Sonia Chambers, Chair of the WVHCA. The report contains significant information about the state of health care in West Virginia.

The Executive Summary states:
Overall, West Virginia hospitals remained relatively stable, reporting profits of $184.5 million or 4.4% of net patient revenue (NPR), up from $176.7 million (4.5% of NPR) in FY 2006.

Acute Care Hospitals
The total profit margin for the 35 general acute care hospitals increased by almost 1%, with profits of $165.7 million (4.4% of NPR), up from $123.8 million (3.5% of NPR) in the prior year.

Critical Access Hospitals (CAH)
As a group, the profitability for CAHs continued to improve for the fourth straight year. The aggregate profit was $5.8 million (2.3% of NPR). In FY 2006, profit was $4.3 million (1.8% of NPR).

Long-term Acute Care Hospitals (LTCH)
The two facilities in FY 2007 reported a profit of $1.5 million (5.9% of NPR), a decline from the FY 2006 profit of $3.3 million(12.4% of NPR).

Psychiatric Hospitals
The psychiatric hospitals had an aggregate loss of $8.3 million(35.8% of NPR), with the two state psychiatric hospitals losing $9.6 million combined and the two private hospitals earning profits of $1.3 million. The prior year’s overall loss was $702,000 (2.0% of NPR).

Rehabilitation Hospitals
The five rehabilitation hospitals showed a return to more normal profit levels with aggregate profits of $19.8 million (22.1% of NPR). In FY 2006, these hospitals reported an aggregate profit of $46.0 million (51.7% of NPR) due to the sale of a facility.

Other Facilities:

Nursing Homes
The overall profit margin for the state’s 106 nursing homes increased by 1.5%. Aggregate profits of $44.8 million (6.5% of NPR) were reported, an increase over the $32.6 million (5.0% of NPR) reported in FY 2006.
Aggregate net patient revenue increased $38.6 million in FY 2007; expenses increased $25.1 million.

Home Health
Overall, home health agencies reported total losses of $2.3 million on $84.1 million total revenue; 32 of the 66 agencies were profitable. Eleven home health agencies were acquired during FY 2007.

Hospice profits for the 19 agencies were $8.3 million, compared to $9.1 million in FY 2006.

Behavioral Health Facilities
Eighty-nine behavioral health providers reported aggregate profits of $15.1 million, 2.9% of total revenue; 57 of 89 facilities were profitable.

Methadone Treatment Facilities
The aggregate profit for the eight facilities was $6.1 million, 29.7% of total revenue.

Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC)
Eleven reporting certified ASCs had an aggregate profit of $5.2 million, 21.7% of total revenue.

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