Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Reengineering Health Information Technology to Wire The Medical Home

Over at The Health Care Blog Dr. Kibbee issues Part 2 of his Confessions of a Physician EMR Champion, subtitled "A Conversation with American Physicians About How to Save Medicine in the Age of Information." The Part 2 post, Empowering Health IT for the Connected Medical Home, is a must read for all interested in the world of changing world of health/technology.

Dr. Kibbe lays out 5 areas that health IT should focus on to be empowering and disruptive to the current models:
  1. electronic data and information collection and access
  2. communications among providers and patients
  3. clinical decision support
  4. population quality, performance, and cost reporting
  5. consumer/patient education and self-management
He highlights the importance of stepping back and looking at the current EMR model (a bit of thinking outside the box):

There is nothing transformational or disruptive about EMRs because they have been designed to meet the functions and features of a status quo business model -- not the collaborative and participatory capabilities required of the business models of the future health system.

In this next installment of the conversation, I’d like to suggest some specific capabilities that health IT ought to empower doctors and health care teams to perform on behalf of, and in collaboration with, their patients.

I’m suggesting that we go back to the drawing board and design health IT that is truly a good fit for doctors and patients in a system that rewards quality, safety, and efficiency of care while working to keep people healthy, instead of simply adding up the charges when they’re sick.

I'm involved on a number of fronts looking at health information models for West Virginia that will improve the delivery of care and reduce the costs. Dr. Kibbee's comments and thoughts are valuable for others looking at these same issues.

Tip to Ted Eytan on the post.

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