Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Do WV Patients See As Their #1 Health Care Concern

Today I asked a health care policy related question to my West Virginia tweeters and received great responses. I appreciate the responses from my twitter followers.The responses were so valuable that I thought I would share them with my readers. If others who are reading have additional responses please add them to the comments.

The question I posed via twitter:

WV Twitters: What is the #1 health care problem/issue that you see as a patient?

rebeccaburchrebeccaburch @bobcoffield Insurance coverage -- whether you have ins. or not, affordability is often a deal-breaker for needed procedures/meds/etc...
Andrew BecknerCandidChristian @bobcoffield Solid information. Not understanding what's covered, what isn't, what the bill will be ultimately.
Andrew BecknerCandidChristian @bobcoffield ...other than cost, of course!
Andrew BecknerCandidChristian @bobcoffield Yes...transparency in the entire process, from enrolling to billing and everything in between. Would love to see it happen.
Laura LittleMtnLaurel @bobcoffield my issue: standard coverage/rules across insurers
lineberglineberg @bobcoffield | we don't trust the insurance co's. their billing is confusing. their service is poor. lack of predictability
chipwvchipwv @bobcoffield -- let's say you have a major disease or illness and have no insurance....well, you are screwed and that's all there is to it!
chipwvchipwv @bobcoffield...#1 problem? Too many docs say...well, that's the health system, deal with it.. and btw you won't like the alternatives
Justin Seibertdomjbs @bobcoffield #1 billing. #2 ease of seeing specialists
Jason KeelingJasonKeeling @bobcoffield | Still dealing with family doc. / insurance co. billing matter. Customer service from doc's staff = FAIL. from web in reply to bobcoffield

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