Thursday, July 31, 2008

West Virginia Health Improvement Institute

The West Virginia Health Improvement Institute has launched its website that provides an overview of the efforts to improve the health care system in West Virginia.

The mission of the Institute is to assist with the execution of the strategies outlined in the Transformation Grants awarded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. One main focus is on migrating primary care in West Virginia to the medical home model. The "About WVHII" has more about the Institute - what it is? why it's needed? its structure? etc.

As a part of the project I am chairing one of the four workgroups, the work group on the Adoption of Health Information Technology. The other work groups are:
  • Measurement/Reporting/Reimbursement
  • Provider Outreach and Education
  • Self Management
The Adoption of Health Information Technology work group's efforts will be focused on understanding what health information technology is currently being used successfully by providers in West Virginia. We will be looking at opportunities to innovate and participate in projects that help to accelerate the adoption of technology, including that which supports the medical home model.

For more information on our work group and the other three work groups - check out the Workgroups section.

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