Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Health of Google and Google Health

Very interesting post over at ZDNet by Tom Foremski on an upcoming meeting of Google hacks at the Googleplex set for May 19.

Fascinating description of Google's use of machines and software to produce results rather than humans and how this might exist in the health care environment. I have not heard of this description of what Google does and why it does it better and cheaper.

Also, he offers compelling thoughts on the pharma advertising market target that Google may be looking for as it goes about developing Google Health.

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Justin Seibert said...

Good stuff to share, Bob (although I'm obviously biased). Yeah, the dollars pharma spends on advertising are huge everywhere including pay per click. I'd love to see any numbers on seo, which I know at least the smaller guys take very seriously. The bigger brands tend to lag behind here often.

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