Tuesday, February 12, 2008

AHLA Physicians and Hospital Law Institute

Tomorrow I'm off to attend the American Health Lawyers Association's Physicians and Hospitals Law Institute in Orlando tomorrow. Looking forward to the Florida warmth as the temperature here in West Virginia dips into the single digits tonight.

If your interested in the law of health care the AHLA is the group to join. I highly recommend any of their programs. Good venues, great speakers, good networking and all around first class.

Later in the week my family will be joining me and we plan on enjoying Walt Disney World for a few days. Both my wife and I haven't visited since we were young kids in the 1970s and first visit for our two kids. Everyone is excited.

If any regular readers are attending the AHLA Conference and want to get together send me an email or post a comment.


Rebecca Burch said...

You're brave! The thought of going to Disney World makes my eye twitch. All the crowds... yeesh! It's probably not that crowded right now, though. Let me know -- my FIL lives near there and is seriously jonesing to take the kids to DW.

Bob Coffield said...

We had an amazing time at Universal Orlando. You and your kids would love it. We stayed on the property at the Portofino (a real plus b/c you get the fast pass feature that gives you the right to jump lines).

There are some amazing coasters and rides -- didn't get to do a lot of them b/c of the 3 and 7 year old. We did catch Shrek in 3-D which was totally amazing. Faeries flying right at you and donkey sneezing with mist hitting you in the face. Also loved Seussville and the ET ride.

Off to the Magic Kingdom tomorrow.