Thursday, May 31, 2007 Article: Google and Health Care

Today I noticed a little more traffic to my blog with much of it coming from As a result of a little searching I found an article (Google Aims to Extend Data Mantra into Health Care) quoting from one of my previous post (What Google Health Might Look Like).

My previous post on Google Health was a a reaction and response to a post at the Google Blog by Adam Bosworth, Google's VP, asking to hear from others about how you and I as patients know whether we are getting the best care. The post was not just about "concerns over what could be lost in the digitizing of medical information" (as quoted in the article) but rather an overall examination of what Google Health and some of the other Health 2.0 type companies may bring to bear on our traditional health information system and how this may ultimately impact the quality of health care we receive.

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