Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New Medical Blog By Senator Frist

Senator Bill Frist has announced a new medical blog called MedicalMatters.org: a 21st Century Discussion of Health Care Issues.

According to the inaugural post:

MedicalMatters.org is a blog about health care and the politics of health care. In the coming days and weeks we will discuss stem cells, avian flu, electronic medical records, Health Savings Accounts, and much more. We will take a long term look at some of the health care challenges facing the country and start an online discussion encouraging different points of view. I will blog regularly as will 10-12 regular bloggers from a variety of health care-related fields. We will also encourage high profile, guest bloggers to join the discussion.

I'll be interested to watch the posts on this new health/medical blog. Based on the volume of comments already being submitted to the blog -- it should provide a lively debate on health care in the U.S.

I did leave a comment that the blog needs to incorporate RSS.

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