Saturday, March 18, 2006

Delish-ful Charleston Fire

Photos from the fire in downtown Charleston today. I was driving with my family along MacCorkle Avenue around noon and we noticed the smoke downtown. My son and I went down to investigate on our way to the library.

The fire was next door to Delish, one of our favorite places to eat. I talked to a couple of the guys who work at Delish and they said it started next door in an abandon building and the smoke started coming through the wall on the wrap side of Delish. Based on the intensity of the flames and the amount of water they were putting on the fire I'm sure that Delish will have a lot of damage. Our thoughts are with the Virgil, the owner and his employees.

Update: Rick Lee has some more shots of the fire in downtown Charleston this weekend. I was glad to read the morning paper that there does not appear to be as much damage to the restaurant side of Delish as I had expected. I think Virgil needs to add a new dish -- "smoked satay" or "smoked udon."

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