Friday, October 22, 2004

WV Supreme Court of Appeals Provides Access to Scanned Copies of Briefs

The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals has added a new feature to its website. The Court now provides access to scanned PDF copies of the briefs filed in particular matters on appeal with the Court. Links to the briefs filed in a particlar matter appear under the Court Calendar and Docket page. You must pull up the particular month and day of the scheduled arguments to locate the filed briefs. For example, the briefs filed in matters argued before the Court on November 9, 2004 can be found here.

It is great to see the staff at the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals take the lead nationally on technology issues in the court system. Now that briefs can be accessed via the web I would suggest that the Court add a wi-fi connection at the Court so that you can access the briefs and other important Court information while you are waiting for your argument on the docket. I suspect that the Clerk of the Court, Rory Perry, who is leading the charge on technology issues for the Court likely has plans to add wi-fi cabability in the future.

I want to thank another West Virginia blogger, Brian Peterson, for bringing this new feature to my attention on his West Virginia Legal Weblog.

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